An old lady and her long-lost cat are reunited four years after an earthquake…

It was four years ago when a huge earthquake hit central Italy, and an old lady named Dora was completely destroyed by the catastrophe. It wasn’t only that she had lost her house and belongings, but she had also lost her pet cat.

The terrified cat bolted from the scene amid the turmoil and uncertainty of the tragedy and did not return. Dora was certain that she had lost her cat for good and that she would never see her tiny friend again. This is the most painful loss for Dota since the cat is a part of her family who has soothed her with hugs and unconditional affection over the course of many years.

And then one day, four years after the cat had gone missing, he appeared out of nowhere and returned home. Dota was taken aback when she realized she had been reunited with her beloved pet cat. Once the two of them have softly touched foreheads, the cat begins hugging his loving human. Following four years apart, they are obviously thrilled to be back together once again.

Upon learning about their emotional reunion, a friend commented on Facebook, “Our beloved Dora has never stopped searching for him.” “I have no idea where he has gone for such a long time.”

Fortunately, despite having been away for such a lengthy period of time, Dora’s cat seemed to be in pretty good health and condition. There is no way to tell where he has been for the last four years, but it is obvious that he has maintained a healthy diet throughout his wanderings.

Check out the video below to see their joyful reunion!

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An old lady and her long-lost cat are reunited four years after an earthquake…
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