A stray kitten roamed the neighborhood alone until someone came to her rescue…

When this stray kitten was discovered simply roaming about a neighborhood, she was in urgent need of food and shelter, but no one was willing to accept her into their homes.

The skinny 3-month-old cat was so hungry that she would meow at anybody who happened to come into her territory. Desiree, a volunteer with Alley Cat Rescue, had been working on a TNR (trap-neuter-return) job in the neighborhood when she received a word of the kitten’s whereabouts from someone else.

“She walked from door to door, asking to be let inside, but no one would allow her in. She’d been getting bread from some little children.”

“We were informed about this tiny kitten who was seeking a home by a local neighbor. Sure enough, we came upon her on a doorstep, being shooed away,” Desiree said in an interview. “She was dirty, flea-infested, and suffering from an upper respiratory illness when I found her. Despite everything, she purred like crazy and was very affectionate.”

Because of all of the meowing, her little voice had gotten a little raspy, but that didn’t stop her from purring happily. It was on that day that this poor, homeless, almost starved kitten finally got what she had been looking for, thanks to Desiree and her incredible crew. This fuzzy creature had finally found a safe haven, nutritious food, and a companion to snuggle with.

They settled on the name Pistachio for her and placed her in a foster home as soon as possible. After a week of medical attention, a warm bed, nutritious food, and plenty of affection, tiny Pistachio was able to regain her strength and suddenly found herself with an abundance of vitality. She was as cuddly as a fresh young kitten, and she grew cuddlier as time went on.

They felt it was the proper time to introduce Pistachio to ButterBean, who was an orphaned kitten as well, just so that she would have someone to snuggle with while she was alone. As soon as she saw him, she took him under her wing and started grooming him in the manner of any proper big sister.

Make sure to watch the inspiring video below!

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A stray kitten roamed the neighborhood alone until someone came to her rescue…
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