A guy saves frightened street kittens and helps them find forever homes…

Milan is an animal enthusiast who also works as an animal rescuer in his home country of Serbia. Mladenovac is the name of the dog rescue facility that he manages. Founded in 2007, the shelter is one of the biggest non-profit, no-kill animal shelters in Serbia and one of the country’s most successful ones. Milan knows that life on the streets is very difficult and dangerous, and he want to assist animals from the streets that are in desperate need of safe havens in animal shelters.

“Since we opened our doors, we have placed over 1000 dogs and cats,” said the organization. We are conveniently situated only one hour south of Belgrade and are readily accessible from everywhere in the country. As a result of being open seven days a week, the adoption of a pet is more convenient for the general public, and we are able to put all of the homeless dogs and cats that are in desperate need of a home,” the shelter said on Facebook.

On a daily basis, Milan discovers animals who have been abandoned. He rescues them, transports them to his shelter, and places them in forever homes where they will be cherished and cared for forever by their new families.

Felix is one of the kittens he rescued from the streets and fostered. At first, the kitten was frightened and anxious. Milan was even bitten by him when he attempted to rescue and touch him. Felix, on the other hand, gradually came to rely on Milan, and he is currently doing very well. Fortunately, after two weeks at Milan’s shelter, he was adopted into a permanent family with a loving father who recognized his worth.

Watch the video below:

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A guy saves frightened street kittens and helps them find forever homes…
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