Every day, this senior cat begs her mother to watch her favorite movies with her…

Emily’s husband likes cats, but she prefers dogs. They went to shelters to get a cat, but Emily didn’t connect with any of them…

Amazingly, things changed when she and her husband came upon a senior cat called Ella at a shelter.

When Emily first saw Ella, the cat rushed up to her and licked her on the lips. She had a strong feeling for this cat and decided to take it home with her right away.

Ella, despite her advanced age, just wants to be with her people. It was remarkable how quickly she became accustomed to her new surroundings.

Emily was watching “The Grinch” with Ella one day when she realized that Ella was also a fan of the film. The cat came to a complete stop and just looked at it the whole time. She is completely enthralled by the film.

In case she is interested in a film, she will sit down and watch it. One of the few things that help her to relax is watching movies. It is undeniably becoming a part of their daily habit to watch movies. They became closer because of this habit of hers.

“Everyone is apprehensive of elderly cats, or simply old animals in general. But it’s all been worth it, and I wouldn’t swap her for anything in the world. “I simply adore her with everything I have,” Emily expressed her feelings in an interview.

You may watch the video here:

Thanks to Emily for taking the time to share her experience.

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Every day, this senior cat begs her mother to watch her favorite movies with her…
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