After having her last cup of coffee, this rescue kitten went bananas…

Foster the Furbabies, an animal rescue group, recently posted a brief but funny video on their TikTok account, which has already been seen by more than 13 million people. Throughout the video, you can see how a small little black cat called Meredith was making a mess of a Starbucks cup and simply couldn’t seem to get enough of the beverage.

Meredith and her brothers were rescued as orphaned kittens in New Jersey, United States, with the assistance of Foster the Furbabies. The rescuers discovered them soaked to the skin in the rain, and they were in critical condition.

In addition to upper respiratory infections, the 3-week-old kittens were also suffering from eye infections and parasites at the time of rescue. As soon as the cats were discovered, they were treated and sent to a shelter where they could get better medical treatment.

They were  hopeful about her siblings’ situation, but they couldn’t say the same for Meredith’s visual problems. It took a number of trips to the veterinarian before the tiny kitten was eventually approved for adoption. Even so, some degree of visual degradation would be inevitable in this situation.

Of course, the organization was overjoyed that she had recovered, but the process of parting was not that easy.

Consequently, in order to express their gratitude to Meredith for her recuperation and to formally bid her farewell before she was adopted, the rescuers decided to take her out for her very first Starbucks run ever.

Knowing that the cat had always been enthusiastic about eating, they thought that it would be the ideal goodbye present for her right before the adoption. Meredith, on the other hand, did not disappoint. She really liked her Puppuccino, and she had a lot of fun with it.

The Puppuccino is a limited-edition drink that can only be found on the menus of certain Starbucks locations in Japan and the United States. Nothing more than a tiny cup of whipped cream, yet no dog or cat can resist the allure of this simple treat. Meredith was no exception to this rule.

The adorable cat was immediately taken in by the drink and fell in love with it. Meredith didn’t seem to notice that her face was completely coated in cream after just a few seconds. She enjoyed the drink in her own unique manner, and she was perfectly content. Everyone in the vicinity couldn’t stop themselves from giggling at the beautiful kitten.

The video was shared on Foster the Furbabies’ Instagram account, and Meredith received a great deal of attention from people all around the world. Some people were even concerned about feeding dairy to such a young kitten, but the group insisted that they had consulted relevant research before making that choice, and they were correct. Furthermore, the quantity of dairy that Meredith drank was clearly not anything to be concerned about, since the majority of the cream ended up on her body instead than in her mouth.

Meredith was brought to her permanent home a few days after she was found. She is currently in good health and is lavished with all of the goodies she desires, as well as feline siblings with whom she enjoys socializing on a regular basis. Meredith’s rescuers, of course, are overjoyed for her success. Despite the fact that Meredith is no longer a resident of the shelter, her adorable video will remain in their hearts forever.

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After having her last cup of coffee, this rescue kitten went bananas…
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