These sleeping foster kittens wake up every time they hear food being opened…

With the assistance of the SPCA New Zealand, Sam Mannell is now caring for a bunch of kittens. In their first three weeks of life, the little kittens are continuously learning about their surroundings. In order to ensure that they are ready for adoption, Mannell will care for them until such time.

He said in an interview that the babies were bottle-fed and were first shy, but that they were already beginning to play. I’m a big fan of the cream girl because she’s so sasy, the ginger boy because he’s so self-sufficient, and the tiny gray guy because he’s so timid and little!

Despite the fact that they have been having a great time exploring Mannell’s home, the four kittens are still having a great time. When they found Mannell’s sofa, they jumped on top of it and began playing immediately. Following their extensive exploration, they got tired and immediately fell asleep on the same couch together.

To take advantage of this peaceful time, Mannell decided to indulge in a tasty treat. All four kittens instantly awoke as she broke open the chocolate bar she was holding. It had only been 10 to 15 minutes since the kittens had fallen asleep when Mannell roused them from their slumber by opening food in front of their eyes.

Although the kittens are young, they seem to be aware of the noises associated with feeding. When they heard the sounds of supper being prepared, they all opened their eyes at the same moment. It wasn’t until they realized Mannell wasn’t going to share the chocolate that they knew they were in trouble.

As Mannell put it, “they fell back to sleep immediately after.”

Mannell was able to finally enjoy her food and the peaceful time as soon as they fell asleep again. She ate the food fast before they woke up and began exploring all over again, which she did swiftly.

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These sleeping foster kittens wake up every time they hear food being opened…
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