Kittens who have been abandoned find happiness and love in their new home…

Sergey is guy who spends a lot of his spare time caring for stray cats and kittens. He even assists these unfortunate animals in finding new homes or animal shelters. He also has a YouTube account, where he often uploads videos of him and other people assisting abandoned kittens in finding a new home, assisting ill and wounded cats, and feeding cats and kittens, among other activities.

Sergey’s next-door neighbor discovered three abandoned kittens near her home one day. They didn’t have a mother to look after them. The two creatures were starving and filthy as a result of their prolonged exposure to the elements on the streets. He agreed to assist them when she requested his assistance. She brought one kitten home with her, and he went out of his way to locate foster homes for the others.

After their empty stomachs had been fed, they were able to relax and enjoy themselves by playing. Despite the fact that they were stray animals, they were loving, charming, and kind. He reasoned that they had most likely been dropped here by a third party. Since kids would never be nice to strangers if they were born on the streets, this is a good thing.

As soon as he was able to locate a temporary foster home, he apprehended them and transported them to a veterinarian for a checkup. Fortunately, they were in good health, with the exception of the typical parasites. After ensuring that the kittens were in good health, he transported them to their foster home.

Sergey and the rest of the family gave the names Molly and Markiz to the girl and boy, respectively. The veterinarians determined that they were of the same age. It’s possible that they are siblings, but that their dads are different. They were ready for adoption, so everyone began looking for families who would be a good match for them.

Fortunately, the two animals were reunited with their permanent families, who were wonderful to them. We are relieved to learn that they are enjoying their lives in their caring environments. After all they’ve gone through, they’ve finally found the happiness and love they deserve. We hope that they will be cared for and cherished for the rest of their lives.

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Kittens who have been abandoned find happiness and love in their new home…
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