This tiny kitten enjoys walking on the shoulders of his dad…

Kaleb chose to foster a cat to make his life better and brighter since he was lonely. As a result, he adopted a kitten called Paco. He had only intended to foster the kitten for six weeks initially, but things had changed once he had lived with it.

“At this point, I don’t believe I’ll acquire an animal, at least not in the near future. I figured Foster would be a good place to test it out. He was meant to be with him for six weeks, he claimed.

When Kaleb was living with the cat, he understood how intimate the kitty was. “I ended up falling for him since he is a huge snuggler and has a large personality. “I believe I’ll simply keep him,” I replied when they asked during checkups and such.

Kaleb does not like keeping his cat inside, so he follows him everywhere. Paco likes walking on Kaleb’s shoulder when they go out. He not only adores his father, but he also provides Kaleb with a great deal of emotional support.

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This tiny kitten enjoys walking on the shoulders of his dad…
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