These adorable tiny kittens will brighten your day…

We’re sure you’ve experienced times when nothing goes as planned. Everyone has bad days from time to time. Even the most cheerful and upbeat individuals have a bad day now and then. As a result, if you have a terrible day, don’t allow it to make you feel that your life is terrible. Cats, particularly newborns, can instantly lift your spirits when you’re feeling down.

While we can’t make bad days go away, we do offer a selection of adorable photos to lift your spirits and brighten your day. Scroll down to see for yourself whether we’re right! Enjoy!

1. Illegally small, tired, and weary.

2. “Are the pillows enormous, or is my cat really small?”

3. “Wait, what????  This little criminal just stole my heart!”

4. Criminal void trying to escape capture by hiding under a boot!

5. Periwinkle.

6. Oh, those eyes and the dark spot on his nose…

7. She’s already performing the catwalk.

8. The ideal place for a nap!

9. Don’t fire! I surrender.

10. Take a look at those eyes. What a lovely little fluff ball!

11. Sleepy and cute.

12. Oh, those adorable kitten pajamas! So beautiful!

13. This is the ideal cat holder.

14. He seems to be in good spirits! That’s just what he’d always wished for!

15. He’s mastered the art of levitation.

16. Two criminals resting.

17. My mom is my absolute favorite!

18. Spooky.

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