Meet Melissa, a sweet Scottish fold cat with a serious case of the blues…

You may be interested in learning more about Melissa the Scottish fold cat, who lives in Russia with her mum, a photographer called Alina Esther.

Photographing and posting pictures of her cat is indeed her favorite pastime. Of course, Melissa’s adorableness has captivated the Internet.

In order to record Melissa’s charming tongue curling antics in the sweetest and funniest manner possible, Esther has taken a slew of photos of her ‘Einstein’ cat, Melissa, who enjoys sticking her tongue out.

That’s why Esther refers to her cat as Grumpy Blep instead.

It’s a common misconception that cats with protruding tongues are suffering from dental problems, but Esther claims this isn’t the case with Melissa, who has all of her teeth.

Check out Esther’s site for more than just photos of her beautiful cat; she also has other creative photos you should see. If you are interested, you may just visit her Instagram profile to find out more.

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