Meet people who first refused to own cats but now cannot imagine their lives without them…

Making the choice to bring in a new pet may be difficult, particularly if someone in the family is anti-pet. Even if you get them to buy one, they will give you a slew of excuses as to why they disagree with your choice. These folks, on the other hand, fell head over heels in love with adorable puppies and kittens as soon as they allowed them into their homes. These adorable pups were able to quickly win over their wary owners.

Pets are very popular among people, and we can say this with confidence. So, we decided to collect photos of individuals who were previously opposed to owning pets but now can’t live without them. This is why. Check out the adorable images below the break, and feel free to share this article with anybody you think may benefit from it.

1. “Never get one, and don’t let them get near me.”
After a week: “Quickly son! Come snap a photo of her sleeping on my shoulder.”

2. Him, “If you adopt a cat, you’ll be sorry.”
Now: Enjoys cat sitting and always sends me a selfie.

3. “We are not getting a cat,” I said two months ago.

4. “I don’t want any more cats!” She is now my little assistant.

5. “It will last two weeks.” — My father five years ago

6. He used to say he hated cats and had an allergy to them, but now he cleans her eyes himself.

7. After ten years, I believe my cat is finally warming up to my father.

8. “I am no longer seen as the family’s youngster. My place has been stolen by Bruce Wayne.”

9. “After years of hating cats, Goblin the kitten seems to be fitting in nicely.”

10. “My partner, who claimed that he despises cats. Dare I say it, he loves him more than me?”

11. “For a long time, my father refused to let us have a cat. When I was extremely ill a few years ago, I requested for a cat before going into surgery, and she is now his favorite daughter…”

12. “My kid had shown an interest in getting a cat. My spouse was adamant about not having any pets. So we made a compromise and bought two cats.”

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Meet people who first refused to own cats but now cannot imagine their lives without them…
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