The toothless cat is the Animal clinic’s resident hero…

A huge litter of cats was sent to a Denver animal shelter a few years ago. A hoarding scenario was suspected since several of the animals were in poor condition. Whisper, a gorgeous domestic long-haired cat, was one of them. She was around 10 years old, had never been spayed, and had an infection in every one of her teeth…

Parkside Animal Health Center, a veterinarian facility in southeast Aurora, Colorado, was called to treat her. Whisper’s dental work was done while he was still at the shelter by Dr. Eisenhauer, owner of Parkside and shelter veterinarian. After surgery, she stopped eating, which is common in cats because of their finicky feeding habits. Whisper was cared for by Dr. Eisenhauer as she recovered from major surgery.

In the end, Whisper’s tooth rot was so bad that she had to have her whole mouth shaved clean. Normally, cats are given wet food to eat after such a lengthy operation, but Whisper refused it. Whisper was given dry food against her will and went crazy for it. Whisper would only eat dry kibble even if he didn’t have any teeth.

In the intervening time, she’s become a permanent resident of the veterinary clinic, living in a separate room with climbing shelves and scratching posts as well as a bed and feeding bowls. Despite the fact that the whole crew has tried feeding her canned food and even baby food treats while feeding the other cats, she would not touch it.

With so many new pals at Parkside, Whisper is eager to meet them all as the front door opens and she hears the doorbell ringing. Regardless of the animal, she is unafraid to take on anybody that enters through the door of the clinic.

Hide in an open drawer or cabinet and then spring out to surprise someone is one of her most recent pastimes. Everyone at the clinic loves her, including the doctors, nurses, and patients. Aside from that, she enjoys cleaning (or should we say ‘supervises’) as well.

She likes to spend her free time playing with her toys, playing on shelves in her room, and sleeping on “her” front desk. And, of course, keeping an eye out for opportunities to meet and welcome new patients, employees, or customers.

A smile like this one would brighten anyone’s day. Whisper is now a healthy, happy cat that is a joy to have as a pet. We were compelled to share Whisper’s story, and we know she would be overjoyed if you decided to do the same by like Parkside Animal Health on Facebook.

Parkside Animal Health Center’s compassionate team, including Dr. Eisenhauer, adopted and adored Whisper, making her a beloved member of their family. We are eternally grateful!

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