A cat with crazy whiskers finds something vital after a life of abuse and neglect…

Kyle, a rescued cat, was in a horrible environment for a long time, suffering from abuse and neglect. Thankfully, he ended himself in a no-kill shelter that was eager to find him a permanent home. Kyle was one-of-a-kind and had the cutest face. That’s because he had a fantastic white mustache and wild whiskers!

A couple looking for a new cat for their family came across Kyle’s pictures and fell in love right away. The cat was at a shelter three hours away, but they couldn’t take their eyes off that beautiful face with the wild whiskers. As a result, they made their way to the refuge.

When the couple arrived to the shelter, they knew they had to take Kyle home with them. Kyle was in such terrible condition (whiskers in every direction, wheezing, dandruff, tiredness) and simply wanted to be loved, the couple said it was a combination of astonishment and love at first sight. They knew immediately that this tiny cat was coming home with them.

Kyle had a tough history and had been through a lot with his former owners, but despite everything, Kyle was still a loving cat who just wanted to find his permanent home. Kyle’s goal of living in a loving house has finally come true for this couple!

Kyle is in  his new loving home, and now on Instagram he campaigns for animal-friendly domestic violence shelters to assist and encourage victims to flee unsafe living circumstances and eventually find better, loving homes.

Kyle is really a gift to the world, and we are overjoyed that he has finally gotten the loving home he deserves. His family obviously adores him, which makes our hearts melt.

Kyle, keep being the wonderful kitty that you are!

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A cat with crazy whiskers finds something vital after a life of abuse and neglect…
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