A blind kitten and his mom make friends with a helpful kitten – and they now need a home…

A sweet family was introduced to us through Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue. Keller, his mother, and Trixie were all present. Keller is a cat born without eyes, and Keller’s mother is believed to be the other kitten alongside Keller and Trixie. They’ve all become a family, and the Sioux City Animal Adoption Rescue is playing matchmaking to find them a new home.

The cat called Keller was adopted from an Iowa animal shelter. He couldn’t see since he is without eyes. Another cat, most possibly Keller’s mother, was also saved by the shelter. Keller used the cat as a kind of seeing-eye.

“It was an unusual scenario in the sense that we impounded the blind cat first, and the blind cat had no eyes and was not neutered, and so we brought him in, and he was extremely disoriented, very confused,” Cindy Rarrat, director of Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue, said. We got the female, who we believe is his mother, within a day or so.”

Unfortunately, when the mother feline came, she had to undergo a vet check, which showed that she had a slew of severe health issues.

“We discovered that something was wrong with her mouth after she was spayed, so we brought her back in, and she had to have all of her teeth removed, as well as a huge tumor in her nasal cavity,” Cindy said. This has now been taken down. They wanted to put it to the test, but we were certain that we didn’t want to know.”

Trixie was introduced to both cats at the shelter. They did it so Keller would have someone to look after him if something happened to his mother. Trixie is a 9-week-old cat who is also the family’s newest addition. She is very distinctive, with a strong attitude! The Sioux City Animal Adoption and Rescue deserves praise for its matching abilities. It’s because Trixie quickly became a valuable member of the family. It’s a virtual coupling made in heaven!

Trixie, according to the director, is learning to assist Keller. All of this allows the mother to relax, enjoy herself, and watch her children play. The adorable cat family is also looking for a home through Sioux City Animal Rescue.
“We’ve been searching for that particular home, that special someone who would give these boys a chance,” Cindy said.

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A blind kitten and his mom make friends with a helpful kitten – and they now need a home…
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