Rescue of a kitten after his head gets stuck in a wheel in Texas.

This kitten’s head got trapped in there for some reason. Cats are among the most fascinating animals in the world, and they often find themselves in bizarre situations. It’s like the unfortunate cat that last week had his head caught in a wheel’s rim.

It took the kitten’s rescuers two days to find him and bring him to the firemen for assistance. Getting him out of the car was a huge challenge for his rescuers. They even tried slipping the cat’s head out of the wheel using soap and a spoon, but it didn’t work.

As a result, the tire had to be removed from the rim and the unfortunate little guy’s head cut off with a saw. They used the spoon to hold the cat’s head away from the saw while they cut through the rim, so that was somewhat helpful. The cat was finally released not long after that!

Fortunately, the kitten will be saved by the family who discovered him, ensuring a happy ending for everyone involved.

You may learn more about this kitten’s rescue story by watching the video report below!

Whoa, what a fortunate kitten to be discovered by such kind folks! Your new family will enjoy your company, so relax and have fun.

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Rescue of a kitten after his head gets stuck in a wheel in Texas.
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