A kitten with Manx syndrome finally finds a forever home after three years at a shelter…

When Tuck was born, he was diagnosed with Manx Syndrome and spent nearly three years at a Denver animal shelter. As with all of the other kittens, he eventually found his permanent home. It was just a matter of time until something like this happened!

On this sunny Saturday, Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue in Denver seems a little different than normal. It’s great that Tuck, a lovely kitty who has got a new home, is happy now.

Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue in Denver took up Tuck back in 2018. When he first arrived, he’d never used a litter box since he’d been in a foster home for a short time. Tuck was diagnosed with Manx Syndrome after a veterinarian checkup revealed the root of his incontinence. As a result, it was difficult for him to locate the perfect home. Tuck couldn’t even wear diapers since they might give him urinary tract infections, making it even more difficult to find a new home for him.

Cat Is Small In Size, But Big On Character

This little cat has a huge personality and enjoys headbutts and hula-hooping! One of RMFR’s most enduring residents, he gave high-fives to everyone in exchange for goodies, and he left a lasting impact on everyone who met him.

Tuck’s ex-foster father is on the RMFR board and adds, “Tuck is not bashful. Headbutts are a favorite pastime, as is lounging on your shoulders in a bath towel. That cat is adorable. He likes to be petted by everyone.

It’s time for Tuck to go on with his life after spending the last two and a half years and ten months at a shelter. The Rocky Mountain Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary has issued Tuck an official invitation to join them.

Finally, he has a home of his own.

Despite the fact that the employees enjoyed their time with Tuck, the shelter’s resources do not match Tuck’s requirements.  CCAS founder and director LuAnn Pierce had the following to say after learning about Tuck via social media.

The website stated they couldn’t do anything for him, so I checked it every now and again to be sure. And this is the kind of cat that is taken to a sanctuary by people who care about animal welfare. ‘Unadoptable,’ like Tuck, implies they have a condition that makes it impossible for them to fit in with a family, but what that actually means is.”

Despite the fact that the facility is specifically designed for cats with incontinence, the staff makes an effort to make it as comfortable as possible, according to Pierce.

“We make sure the cats are engaged and happy, in addition to sufficient sun exposure, playing, and enrichment.”

Tuck may now play with his new cat friends in the 1500 sq. ft sanctuary since he is heading to CCAS. Tuck’s ex-foster father, Lugo, is ecstatic about the fresh beginnings. “He has an incredible family that spends their time and money to take care of him,” Lugo adds.

Tuck’s Story: How It Became An Inspiration

Tuck’s time at his former shelter has come to an end, but his legacy is said to live on. They also want to establish a fund devoted to the care of other cats in need of special attention in the coming years.

“When I first started foster care, I knew I could make a difference, but I didn’t realize how important shelters like the Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue are until I met Tuck,” Lugo said. Working with Tuck taught me that I can do more for these animals and that bringing them comfort requires a community.”

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A kitten with Manx syndrome finally finds a forever home after three years at a shelter…
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