Unique cat pastel paintings that show how really lazy cats can be…

Cats may capture our attention in a variety of ways. Their carefree and adorable expressions are enough to make us consider how wild and wonderful they are.

That is primarily why painters like painting them. There will always be an audience for it. Wayne Tsay, a Los Angeles-based artist, does this with ease.

He knows how to catch different cats that are lazily resting around the home. He manages to make each digital painting appear completely distinct while keeping the subject consistent.

He mostly employs soft pastel hues and emphasizes dense geometric forms. His style seems to be similar to that of an Impressionist.

He doesn’t draw attention to the backdrop, yet viewers of the paintings can tell that the cats are snoozing within their houses. Continue scrolling down to view more of Wayne’s artwork, and you can see more of his paintings on Instagram.


You can feel the laziness in her face



'What are you looking at?'



You can notice the emphasized geometrical shapes on each photo







Just stretching a little bit



'Got food?'



Predator in action









Feeling lovely







'Life is good'

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Unique cat pastel paintings that show how really lazy cats can be…
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