This cat has left the streets with her eight kittens after spending her whole life there.

A calico cat gave birth to eight kittens indoors after spending her whole life outside…

Oregon Friends of Shelter Animals took in a mother cat and her three 3-month-old kittens after they were found wandering the streets in early September.

The calico cat was outdoors with her kittens when she found out she was pregnant with another batch. Angela Su, a rescue foster volunteer, said of the dog, “She had been living outside her whole life and was covered in fleas when she first came here.

After just a few days after being saved, the cat went into labor and gave birth to an eight-kitten litter in safety.

The cat mom had to find a foster home for her newborn kittens since she couldn’t care for them because of their high needs. Angela took in the large family and provided them with a cozy place to call home.

Having spent her whole existence on the streets, Celeste the calico cat now lives in a house with her kittens (called Drizzle, Sunny, Breeze. Moon. Cloud).

“She was nervous at first since she had never been to my home before. After spending her whole life on the streets,  she was used to a wide range of new experiences “Angela was kind enough to divulge some of her secrets to us.

Celeste was able to relax and get to know her foster mom better after she had a comfortable bed, nice blankets, and an unlimited buffet at her disposal. She was relieved to have some assistance since feeding eight kittens was a difficult job.

“Being a mom to eight kittens is a lot of effort, but she is a wonderful mother to them. Celeste is a patient mother who ensures that all of her babies are well-cared for and nourished “Angela added.

“If she needs to let her kittens feed, she’ll lie still for almost an hour. When she’s nursing her kittens, I’ll bring her supper or breakfast to eat in bed.”

Knowing she won’t have to fend for herself or her kittens, the beautiful calico has come out of her shell and begun to seek attention.

“She now softly nudges my hand with her head to indicate that she wants pets. She also enjoys using her paws to create cookies “, added Angela.

Her eight kittens are developing quickly and becoming very active every day. “They’ve been around for nearly three weeks. Their eyes have all opened, and they are beginning to move.”

Some of the kittens had small curled tails, while others had a lot of sass and pipes. The young ones quickly figured out about their little hisses.

“At this age, kittens depend on their sense of smell to find their way out. When they scent anything strange, they will often hiss instinctively.”

Many more furballs will join in the meowing chorus if one of the furballs begins crying for mother Celeste’s attention, keeping their mom busy.

Now that their legs have become stronger, they are beginning to explore and investigate the world around them.

The beautiful calico will retire from motherhood once the kittens are old enough, and find a home of her own where she may be the focus of attention.

Celeste is enjoying her new life as an indoor cat after spending her whole life on the streets.

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This cat has left the streets with her eight kittens after spending her whole life there.
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