A teenager runs into oncoming traffic to save the cat that had been thrown out of the car…

Erin Brown was driving down the highway with her son Gavin to a birthday celebration when she saw something she couldn’t believe could happen.

A cat was tossed out of the window of a moving vehicle in front of them.

She shouted and the vehicle came to a complete stop. Gavin jumped out of the vehicle as soon as she came to a halt, signaling oncoming traffic to come to a halt so he could approach the cat and rescue it.

“In astonishment, seeing the cat smash the pavement and scamper all over the highway,” Brown says in the interview, “he raced to the bridge right by me and hopped on top of the overpass ready to leap off.”

Gavin dashed across to the bridge and scooped up the startled cat.

“I’m not sure which shocks me more: the cat tossed out a moving vehicle’s window on 196 or my kid jumping out of my car into the highway and plunging onto an overpass to save a cat.”

The frightened cat was struggling to breathe. He had ripped his nails off trying to maintain his hold on the pavement.

“He snuggled straight into Gavin’s arms, and Gavin simply continued stroking him to show him that we wouldn’t harm him and earn the cat’s trust,” says Gavin.

They brought Lucky to BluePearl Animal Hospital, where the professionals looked after him and gave him painkillers. “Gavin was clinging to his new child. He was indeed a heated emotional mess over this cat, and the connection was immediate.”

A few days later, a nice stranger saw their tale on Facebook and volunteered to cover the majority of their medical costs. Gavin was floored by the kind gesture, and tears welled up in his eyes. “‘I’ll also donate the $63 I have to pay for my new cat to help us get closer to the amount,’ he said. My heart was overflowing with thankfulness “Brown said.

Lucky is adjusting well to his new surroundings.

The two buddies became very close. “Lucky is fully aware that Gavin rescued him, and their connection is one that I just cannot explain,” Brown added. “Lucky is without a doubt the nicest cat I’ve ever met! He’s very kind and lively, and he’s just plain adorable!”

The brave kid loves animals and has always wanted to be a veterinarian. We are certain that he will be the world’s greatest veterinarian.

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A teenager runs into oncoming traffic to save the cat that had been thrown out of the car…
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