20 Cats Having Funny Catnip Moments…

If you own a cat, having tiny packets of green powder in your shop implies something quite different than what most people assume. It’s said to be mystical dust that can transform tame home cats into wild jungle cats in just two seconds! It has the power to immobilize them, much like a stone wrapped in fur. Welcome to the wonderful world of catnip, and the stoned felines that can’t get enough of it.

The term ‘catnip’ originates from the plant nepeta cataria, which is quite similar to mint. Nepetalactone is a chemical produced by this plant, whether it is fresh or dried. Pheromone receptors in cats are activated by this chemical molecule. Simply put, when cats scent this plant, they lose their minds and go insane. When eaten orally, the herb acts as a sedative for cats. Every cat, however, reacts differently to this magical plant, and some may be resistant to its effects and not even be affected. Others, though… Well.

Check out the list we’ve put up for you and you’ll understand precisely what we’re trying to convey. You may as well want to be on their highness level since these kitties are experiencing severe catnip effects.

1. Kitten’s 1st time on the nip.

2. Look who came across the catnip while I was away!


3. Felix, my cat, is high as a kite on catnip.


4. Our cat gets high on catnip and then sits on the couch for hours watching a family guy for hours…


5. Never once have I used catnip.


6. Catnip Catnap.


7. So I put some catnip in our food dehydrator, and this is what I got.


8. Awkward Family Situation with Catnip and Cat Pole (Mother And Son)


9. Just my cat relaxing in the sun with some catnip. He was actually dozing off like this…


10.  The cat who discovered the stash.


11. My sister decided to give catnip to her cat.

12. This morning, I awoke to a disaster, and the cat is now high as a kite. I’m not mad at all.


13. Today, I gave my cat catnip for the first time.


14. Meet Bynx, a catnip addict who can’t seem to get enough of it.


15. Chewy discovered where the catnip was grown. This is him, high as hell, in the planter.

16. My kitten discovered the catnip drawer and experienced an existential crisis almost instantaneously…

17. My cat Wesley discovered the catnip bag while we were out, ripped it open, and this is what we found when we returned.

18. My cat is refusing to give up her catnip bottle.

19. I forgot I had catnip growing on my property.

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