This kitten cries sweetly when her human stops petting her.

Shelter animals must first spend time in foster homes before they may find their permanent homes. Animals typically require extra time to adapt to new environments and new humans, even when they know their foster parents are nice.

When a litter of adorable kittens from the Los Angeles-based animal shelter Best Friends Animal Society arrived at their new foster home, they instantly felt at ease. They just need affection, and they are receiving enough of it from their new human family.

The foster parents thought the kittens were so adorable that they should be documented and made available to the public. Every time one of these itty-bitty animals does something endearing, they snap a photo of it.

All kittens want their foster parents to pay attention to them, but this youngster appears to want more. It’s clear that the kitty has certain expectations of her new human companion. There are even more scuffs this time! The kitten seems to love being scratched beneath the chin by a human hand, as shown in the video. The petting, on the other hand, comes to an end after that.

When her owner stops petting her, the cat cries. Her foster father resumes caressing her when his foster daughter meows. When stroked again, this cat seems totally relaxed and happy.

This occurs many times. Her foster father begins to pet her and suddenly stops. And, naturally, she gives out another meow. She clearly wants more attention and affection before falling asleep. Isn’t it much to ask? No, we don’t think so.

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This kitten cries sweetly when her human stops petting her.
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