Zuu, a kitty whose annoyed expression is so relatable that it hurts (20 photos)…

Cats seem to never get tired of anything since they do everything they can to keep you from doing your work or sleeping. This cat, on the other hand, may tell you a different narrative. So, meet Zuu, a lovably grumpy cat that is so dissatisfied with life that it’s almost impossible not to cuddle him.

Let’s take a look at some of Zuu’s best images to give our readers a good dose of cuteness.

1. It’s nap time!

2. I’m keeping an eye on you!

3. I’m not a fan of Mom getting up so early these days…

4. What else did you get up to today?

5. All I have to do to get a human’s attention is tilt my head and stare. Easy!

6. What are you up to these days, huh?

7. It’s time for me to retire to my room. Goodbye, folks!

8. Please leave us alone!

9. I know that I gleam like a diamond.

10. With this broomstick, I’m going to fly!

11. Queens, too, want relaxation!

12. Simply put, I’d prefer not to be in a different mood.

13. Obviously, something has happened. Do you want to talk to me?

14. My tongue is quite short.

15. Looking forward to the bright future and the possibilities it holds!

16. Let’s shake hands, shall we?

17. Watch out for the fridge, I’ll be there!

18. Cloudy days put me to sleep.

19. Just going for a nice morning walk…

20. Give me a high five!

What came to mind when you first saw Zuu? Which of her looks most impressed you?

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Zuu, a kitty whose annoyed expression is so relatable that it hurts (20 photos)…
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