This is what a stray mama cat brings to the woman who fed her…

Shea A Prior noticed a stray cat in her backyard a few months ago and decided to feed it. This stray was initially shy, but she eventually warmed up and began to enjoy the dinner. Prior was ecstatic because the adorable cat had finally gained her trust and accepted her food.

Prior noticed the cat was producing milk while feeding her, which signified she was nursing her kittens. In the interview, Prior said, “I was patting her and went to take her up and that’s when I noticed she had milk in her and had been feeding some kids.”

Prior wished to assist the family but had no idea where they were. She assumed the mother had hidden her children somewhere close. Prior explained, “I started telling her to show me her babies and that I thought her babies were very gorgeous.”

Surprisingly, the mama cat seemed to grasp what Prior had said, and the cat invited Prior to meet her kittens the next day. Prior was ecstatic to see the mama and her five little babies. Prior was clearly trusted by the cat, who knew she would keep her family secure and warm.

Prior stated, “She came racing up to me and rubbed on my leg while making her tiny croaking sounds.” “She brought me over to my shed, where I noticed two small fluffballs looking back at me. She fell down on her side and began screaming out to them, “Come out and see me!”

The kittens were initially afraid to come out of hiding, but with some assurance from their mother, they were finally courageous enough to meet Prior.

Prior stated, “One of the small gray ones was really bold and walked up to me with his little pointy tail lifted high in the air and let me pet him right away.” “Eventually, they all came up to me and let me hold and pet them after approximately 10 to 15 minutes.”

Prior knew she had to help the cute family as soon as she met them and took them all in. “Mama cat is coming to live with me and my other two adorable girls! All of the infants have been placed in loving homes and will be adopted as soon as Mama approves. But, for now, everything is fine,” she said.

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This is what a stray mama cat brings to the woman who fed her…
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