The cаt finds a nеw homе after the previous owner passes away…

Moxie, a calico cat from Oakland, California, was fortunate to find himself in the care of Cat Town rescuers in August 2021. A primary objective of the group is to provide “great homes for cats that are deemed undesirable in the typical rescue paradigm” This is the country’s first cat café, which means the cats are in excellent hands.

They use a cage-free method to place cats who appear to be problems in shelters in the homes of caring caregivers until they are ready for adoption. In an Adoption Center, people can meet them in a specially designed living environment before they go on their journey.

‘We allow them as much time as they need to choose their home,’ says Cat Town’s website.”

Due to her tenacity, Moxie was able to find a loving home with someone who genuinely cared for her. On Instagram, they shared a picture of her kissing him.

“Moxie was adopted, and the deal was completed with a kiss! We congratulate Moxie and her human!”

In their monthly blog, they featured the same beautiful shot of the calico.

“The adoption photo of Moxie and her human says it all: the love we share with our cats is real, and each is uniquely beautiful,” they commented.

In just one month, the team was able to save over two dozen animals from shelters thanks to community support.

Moxie’s first residence turned out to be only temporary. According to Cat Town, she was her adoptive parent’s constant companion until his untimely death. As a result of the kindness of a neighbor, she was reunited with the rescue squad. Due to a fortunate change of events, Moxie was able to find her second home.

“We’re overjoyed that Moxie has been adopted (again)!” Cat Town is a place where cats live. Moxie’s adoptive mother passed away recently, and a caring neighbor reached out to us for assistance.”

Moxie returned as a result, and the band worked with her to prepare her for a new home. Then something incredible occurred.

Before being adopted in 2021, Moxie calico met a particular individual who came to their birthday. (See the image below). At the time, they met Moxie at the Adoption Center and fell in love with her. They even took pictures of Moxie for her. They were, however, unable to embrace it at the moment.

It appeared like fate was finally ruling her again, as she discovered a loving family.

Moxie has been through a lot, but she has found not one, but two loving homes thanks to the rescuers.

“Our objective is to find a loving home for each cat in our care for the rest of their life. That is why we guarantee that no Cat Town cat will ever have to live in a cage. We are overjoyed that we were able to fulfill that promise to her, and that we were able to present Moxie with not one, but two beautiful homes.”

On social media, people reacted to the astonishing news in the following ways:

“Look at that lovely family portrait,” one reader said. “I’m sure Moxie’s original adopter would be overjoyed to learn that she has found a forever home,” another added.

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The cаt finds a nеw homе after the previous owner passes away…
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