Ten cats who are masters of attention-getting

Cats are the most possessive of all animal species. Those who love cats are well aware of the consequences of ignoring their pets. Your pet will not allow you to go about your daily routine if they believe you are not giving them the attention they deserve.

The cats listed below were not receiving adequate attention, so they decided to do it on their own. Let’s see how they got their fair share of love and attention.

1. She won’t let you do your work until you’ve had a chance to speak with her.

2. Do you want to play with me?

3. I’m starting to see the willful ignorance.

4. If you want to watch TV tonight, we’ll have to discuss it first.

5. Don’t put on a sleeping face when you aren’t actually asleep.

6. Unless I get your attention, you’ll be thirsty for a long time.

7. Even if you’re extremely busy, I won’t ever leave you.

8. As you can see, I can also perform in a circus.

9. If you can’t give me your full attention, just cook me and eat me.

10. If you need someone to wipe your windshield, let me know.

Bonus below…

11. You really believed you could get away with leaving me at home alone?

12. While you are having that intimate moment, I will keep an eye on the door.

13. Place me in your favorite folder.

14. You like mice, but you don’t like me?

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