Dobby, an Ontаrio kitten, is recovering from…

After being injured in a garage fire, Dobby, a little kitten, is always looking after others at Walden Animal Hospital in Sudbury, Ont..

The kitten was discovered last Saturday when a fire department returned to the scene of a fire that had occurred the day before.

Jesse Oshell, Greater Sudbury’s deputy chief of fire, says firefighters frequently return to see if there is anything that could rekindle the fire.

“They are trained to assess the surroundings where the fire starts and goes out using their senses,” he continued.

The fire captain heard the cat lurking in nearby bushes when the firefighters returned to the scene. He was covered with crusted tar, according to Oshell.

“The kitty couldn’t move any further and was calling out from those bushes,” he explained.

The firefighters contacted the Greater Sudbury Animal Shelter, which helped them and linked them with the Walden Animal Hospital, which took him in.

“They took care of him, he’s eating well and healing, and we’re hoping for the best,” Oshell continued.

“The staff has bathed him in soap to remove as much tar as possible. Benefit has third-degree burns on his paws, but he’s acting like a “true soldier” despite the pain.

According to Oshel, treating injured pets is the difficult part of the job.

“We maintain oxygen masks for animals on our fire trucks,” he explained, “so if we arrive at a scene with dogs or cats, we do our utmost to save them, and we even save birds.”

Although the benefit is not yet fit for adoption, Oshell says there is already a waiting list of people who want to adopt him, including some of the station’s firefighters.

The firefighters acted quickly and transported the young cat to a hospital in Ontario, Canada. Dobby is still alive and is making a sluggish recovery.

Let us give our best wishes to Benefit for a quick recovery and a happy feline life.

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Dobby, an Ontаrio kitten, is recovering from…
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