A kitten was rescued from the brink of death and changed into a clinging cat.

cuddly tabby kitten

May the kitten.

had lost her siblings, yet she clung to life through pure willpower. Dannielle, a foster mother in Central Florida, was alerted to the kitten’s plight and immediately intervened.

“She was agitated and difficult to console when she arrived. After two nice feedings, she had greatly calmed down by the time I went to bed”, Dannielle shared with us in the interview.

“I believe a lot of her misery stemmed from the fact that she was cold and hungry, and once we addressed those issues, she became a much happier kitty.”

neonatal kitten

When she was rescued, she was a tiny neonatal kitten.

May, the kitten, perked up and started crawling. She was drawn to her humans for attention and pets right away. She would roll on her back with delight after each feeding and make the loveliest rumbling sound.

“I discovered her undying affection for belly rubs, which resulted in a flurry of purrs.”

bottle kitten feeding

May recovered from an infection and was making good progress with adequate care and enough of good food. She quickly acquired a fondness for cuddles and didn’t hesitate to express her desires to her humans.

When held, she would melt into her foster mother and fall asleep immediately.

cuddly kitten sleepy

She would perch on an unoccupied lap in the room if there was one available. Every night, she insisted on snuggling up to her people and being in close proximity to them at all times.

“This kid will happily cozy up with you despite her zoomies. She’s a sweet little girl who wants nothing more than to spend time with her best pal.”

When she is held, she falls asleep.

The needy kitty was passionate about never being alone and would not tolerate being shut in. She’d follow her foster mother around the house or sit on her shoulders like the ideal little companion. She was also quite nice to the other foster kids, giving them lots of hugs.

May stepped in as the office assistant promptly and did an excellent job.

office kitten keyboard

She enjoys supervising her humans at work.

“She is, without a doubt, the most loving kitty I’ve ever fostered, including my own. She’s known as my little shadow because if I close the bathroom door, she’ll wait outside until she finds me”,  Dannielle added in the interview.

May is unconcerned about cat beds since she prefers to slumber clinging to her master like glue. She likes to suckle her tail and make cookies while nestled between their legs (kneading).

clingy cat

Dannielle hoped to find a family who would give May the attention and affection she deserved when the time came for adoption. “We joke that she’s a Stage 10 Clinger, but her new mama confirmed that she is, too – it’s a match made in heaven.”

She has a charming little smile on her face even while she is sleeping.

The cute little cuddle-bug found a new home. She may now cuddle whenever she wants and be pampered all day, every day.

“It’s all about the heart when it comes to fostering. We open our hearts in order for theirs to grow. May has grown from a small bean to a lovely bloom “Dannielle said.

shoulder kitten, parrot cat

“May has been one of the sweetest, clingiest, and most loving fosters I’ve ever had the pleasure of caring for. We had a wonderful few months together, and I’m looking forward to seeing her flourish in her new home.”

Happy and loved.




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