After being found abandoned in a yard, a kitten with an adorable ‘Blep’ is… Watch below to see his story…

A kitten that had been found in a yard regained his footing and developed a distinct personality.

A California resident noticed a kitten in need of assistance earlier this year. Their dog walked outside and returned with the teeny-tiny ball of fur. He had been without a mother or siblings since he was a few days old.

Friends for Life Rescue Network founder Jacqueline DeAmor read a post about the kitten in need of medical attention and offered to take him in. The rescue’s foster liaisons, Adam and Margaux, were on the road to pick him up.

“We knew he was a fighter the moment we saw him. He yelled the entire hour-long journey home, informing us that he was staying”, Adam and Margaux shared.

Jellybean arrived with a nasty bite wound on his shoulder, but with proper care, he began to heal.

“The first thing I did when I got him was to put him in an incubator with a heating pad to warm him up. I then gave him his first proper meal. We cleaned up the wound before starting antibiotics on him”, Jacqueline told in the interview.

When he is comfortable and cheerful, he sticks out his tongue.
Jellybean’s wound has healed in three days, and he was ready to dazzle his folks with his charming eccentricities.

He would push his tongue out after each feeding, offering the prettiest “blep” as a manner of expressing his appreciation. He’d even doze off with his mouth open, daydreaming about munchies.

Jellybean had to be syringe-fed hourly for a while because he couldn’t get a decent latch. He was overjoyed to be catered to, and he let out a distinctive “blep.”

“During the day, while working from home, we looked after him for around two months (and Jacqueline took on the foster duties at night). Every morning at 7:00 a.m., we picked him up, and she picked him up on her way home from work “Margaux and Adam have been added to the mix.

“He began eating larger portions after a few weeks and gained a healthy weight! He took an eternity to wean, as fussy as he was on the bottle! He didn’t stop drinking milk until he was approximately seven weeks old.”

Jellybean transformed into a ball of energy as soon as he learned to walk and leap. He was becoming increasingly active and lively, and he was always on the watch for danger.

“We took turns working from the bedroom to keep him company because he was a lonely kitten with no companions,” Adam and Margaux said in the interview.

“As we worked, he would curl up next to us and slumber for hours. One of his favorite activities was snuggling. He’d snuggle up and fall asleep as soon as we threw the covers over him.”

Knowing how much he appreciated having a constant companion, they were pleased when a previous adopter expressed interest in adopting Jellybean. “We felt they were the right fit after speaking with them.”

The adopter had been following Jellybean’s rehabilitation from the start and had fallen in love with him.

“He immediately felt at ease. For such a small thing, he has a lot of personality. He’s a video junkie, and he can’t get enough of them”,  Jellybean’s forever human told in the interview.

“Before bed, we give him five minutes of screen time, and he simply stares at it. He should always be at the center of whatever you do.”



Jellybean is developing quite a personality now that he has several feline siblings to play with.

But other things never change, like Jellybean’s adorable “blep,” which he uses to show his friends how happy and content he is.

According to   Adam and Margaux, Jellybean is extremely happy in his forever home with his people and all his new kitty siblings.”

“We now enjoy seeing him grow up from afar after spending nearly two months keeping a close check on him (in foster care).”

Happy and loved. To know more about Jellybean’s journey, go and watch this cute video below:

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After being found abandoned in a yard, a kitten with an adorable ‘Blep’ is… Watch below to see his story…
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