Cat With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Finally Finds Forever Home, And His Humans Are Making Sure He’s Living A Happy Life with a Good Health

Toby The Sick Cat

When Georgina Price and her fiance Christopher Lardner adopted their first rescue feline, Herbie, the 16-year-old cat, was near the end of his journey. Sadly, Herbie died just months later.

And even though the couple had only known him for a little while, they were heartbroken by his passing. The loss, however, had opened their hearts for someone new.

“I just kept thinking about all the abandoned animals that might only have five months left and would spend the whole of that time in a shelter,” Georgina said. “We decided we would look for an extra special pretty cat that might take a little longer to find a home.”

Toby’s story (the pretty cat)

While perusing the web, Georgina discovered Toby and Quinton. “We discovered them on the RSPCA site when they were searching for a home,” Georgina told olly. Quinton, a 7-year-old high contrast cat, was feeling the loss of the entirety of his teeth, and the pretty cat, a 6-year-old short-haired pretty cat, had a ton of free skin.

“They’re a reinforced pair, the RSPCA publicized them together. Furthermore, we thought on the off chance that we can help two delightful cats as opposed to one, at that point that is the most ideal result.”

Ultimately, Georgina discovered that Toby the pretty cathad been determined to have Ehlers-Danlos condition (EDS) or cat cutaneous asthenia (FCA), a hereditary problem that can cause curiously stretchy, free, and delicate skin because of an absence of collagen. “We’d never known about it we discovered Toby,” Georgina said…

Georgina and Christopher visited the duo at the RSPCA where they lived in a special unit. “They were both terrified and huddled right at the back. Toby the pretty cat just hid behind Quinton the whole time, trembling.”

Georgina was able to pet Quinton, but she couldn’t touch Toby because he was just too scared. All things considered, she and Christopher were still confident they were ready to take good care of the exceptionally nervous special needs feline, so they adopted both Toby and Quinton.

Toby the pretty cat and Quinton took a little while to find peace in their new home. “They were just so scared and were living under the bed for weeks but food and love eventually got them out,” Georgina said.

“And now they own the place. They just do whatever they want and act mad when you turn the light on if they’re asleep on the bed or something.”

Toby’s delicate skin flexibility condition, in any case, makes him inclined to injury in any event, when he’s prepping himself or playing with Quinton. “He appears to be neglectful of it. His most concerning issue is presumably us attempting to ensure he doesn’t get injured or cleaning his injuries (he despises that).”

In light of Ehlers-Danlos condition manifestations, Toby’s stomach hangs down to his knees, and Georgina and Christopher are worried about the impact the additional load of this additional skin may have on his drawn-out wellbeing. For instance, the overabundance weight of his skin may mess joints up…

“We’re fortunate that his hypermobility condition is by all accounts gentle and we oversee it effectively,” Georgina added. “His skin is only more fragile than it ought to be, so he gets loads of tears, particularly around his neck and head.”

“We’re continually berating him for scratching or slicing his nails to decrease the opportunity of injury and you can see he just thinks ‘disregard me, I can deal with myself.’”

“He searches Quinton out to assist him with cleaning himself so Quinton will lick his face and head, especially any cuts.”

Limiting weight on his joints, Toby’s proprietors likewise attempt to keep him from hopping up or down from high places.

“We’re continually reprimanding him for scratching or slicing his nails to diminish the opportunity of injury and you can see he just thinks ‘disregard me, I can deal with myself.’” yet even though he requires a touch all the more additional consideration, Georgina and Christopher couldn’t be more joyful with Toby and his brother Quinton.

His condition aside, Toby is just your average kitty. He enjoys bird watching, playing with bouncy balls, and snuggling with his owners. “He loves belly rubs and will plop himself next to you and look at you, waiting for you to rub his belly,” Georgina said.

The lady trusts that sharing Toby’s story won’t just bring issues to light about his uncommon condition however will urge more individuals to consider bringing exceptional necessities cats into their lives.

“It doesn’t take any more to love them and despite whatever it is that may make them ‘special needs’, they are still beautiful animals with their amazing personalities, likes, dislikes, and the ability to love you back.”

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Cat With Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Finally Finds Forever Home, And His Humans Are Making Sure He’s Living A Happy Life with a Good Health
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