Blind Kitten Sits in Parking Lot and Wоnders How She Will Survivе in This World

Hope For Paws are an animal rescue organization and one day they got a call about a blind kitten that was spotted in a parking lot.

JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick are two volunteers and after they were contacted rushed straight to the scene.

They were told that the mom and two other kittens had been spotted in the area as well. When they arrived the kitten was sitting there alone, it was a very sad sight to see.

It was obvious that her blindness was caused by a serious eye infection so JoAnn scooped the kitten up, which was easy because she couldn’t see, and put her in the cat carrier.

They also spotted the mother cat but would return to get her another day as it was imperative they got to the clinic as quickly as they could because of the kitten’s critical condition. They decided to name her Kenshi.

After being examined, they realised that Kenshi’s eyes had been irreparably damaged from feline herpes, they were badly ulcerated. There was nothing that could be done to save her eyes, so she was scheduled for surgery to have them both removed.

Two days after Kenshi’s rescue, other volunteers went back to the parking lot and rescued her mother and two brothers.

After her surgery, she was allowed to visit her brothers and they all had supper together. They have both been put up for adoption and will soon find forever homes.

After a full recovery from her operation, Kenshi was also put up for adoption and now lives in a loving home with another blind cat, Charlie, and two dogs.

She loves her new surroundings and family and even without her eyes can sense everything around her.

We are so pleased that Kenzie found the perfect forever home.

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Blind Kitten Sits in Parking Lot and Wоnders How She Will Survivе in This World
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