Rescue Dog Becomes New Mom To Homeless Kittens

Two homeless kittens were taken in by a rescue dog who has become the mother they never had.

Ms. Jackson is a rescue dog who has a huge heart, especially for little foster kittens. She was adopted to a family that fosters kittens.

When they brought back a pair of homeless kittens from the shelter, her motherly instinct kicked right in and she started cleaning and caring for them like a mother would.

The kittens fell in love and began to nurse on their surrogate mom.

“She was letting them try to nurse this morning…it was too much,” said jeckhrdt via imgur.

Ms. Jackson’s new foster kittens are her babies now!

She’s very protective of them and always keeps them at her side.

And she is a very tolerant mama dog.

“I was given a second change. These poor kitties deserve a second chance, too.”

This is not an actual video of Ms. Jackson and her babies, but we can only imagine it might look something like this:

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Rescue Dog Becomes New Mom To Homeless Kittens
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