She Gets Reunited With Her 16-Year-Old Cat 15 months After He Went Missing

This kitty cat named Cat was missing for 15 months

We love cats not only because they’re cute and awesome and perfect, but also because they’re independent little explorers who love going on adventures of their own. However, it sometimes poses problems for their owners who are worried sick at home not knowing when their furry friend is coming back home.

This is why animal activists have long been encouraging people to microchip their pets this way, there’s a far greater chance to reunite with your beloved friend if it goes missing.

Recently, a story about a cute orange boy named Cat went viral, for the adorable feline went missing and didn’t come home for 15 months straight. His owners Mindy and Luke Criner were just beginning to lose hope when Cat finally reappeared in their lives, purring and meowing for their attention…

The feline was adopted from the Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter in Virginia and was very shy at first. He wasn’t very keen on playing with other kittens, so his would-be owners decided that he needs a loving home to bring out his confidence.

We received a cat named Cat in June of 2015, he would be around 6 years of age as of now. He was the shyest little cat in the pet hotel at Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter.

They needed to place him in their “horse shelter cat” program since he was so restless, however, he had that look in his eyes like the kitty from Shrek while he viewed different cats play longingly, and I knew at that point he was intended for our family. You could recognize easily he simply required love…

It accomplished take work, he had a prompt connection to my better half, Luke, however, one day we woke up and he was simply laying on my chest murmuring and that was the beginning of my companion cat,” Mindy told olly.

As it turned out, it was the affection that Cat required – soon he increased enough certainty to wander around his yard, investigating the new region. Unfortunately, once, Cat didn’t get back from his undertakings.

“He disappeared toward the start of May, he would go out for a brief period during the day if it was decent and returned home when called for lunch or supper and sound off with a boisterous whimper to tell you he was coming.

I put this new collar on him that had recently come via the post office and let him out to play in the tree out front like normal and he stopped and took a gander at me and I just had this bizarre inclination I wasn’t going to see him once more, to the point I called my better half and informed him regarding it.

We expected it would be an ordinary day, however, we weren’t so fortunate. He didn’t return home for supper, didn’t shout out when called. Before dawn I was in full frenzy mode,” Mindy let us know…

His owners were worried sick and were starting to lose hope

The Criner family immediately spread the word about their missing furry friend on the Lost & Found Pets Hampton Roads, VA, Facebook page

They also put Cat’s litter box and food outside, hoping that the smell would bring him home, however, to no avail. The posters and little housing stations all over the neighborhood that the Criners had their friends checking all the time didn’t help either.

The family was starting to lose hope. “I sent a post with all cats info to Gina (an absolute gem of a woman, runs the Lost and found pets of Hampton roads FB page solely out of the good of her heart) who immediately shared it and had folks looking.

We took all the suggested tips she gives on the page, set of this litter box and food station so he could smell his direction home, and set up little lodging stations a couple of squares and about a mile from home with his pet house, food, and something that resembled us.

We put banners at the nearby supermarket, vets workplaces, covers, and in the area. Not a single Cat insight. Following a couple of long periods of daily strolls calling and supplicating creature control or the asylum would call, I began to lose trust.”…

When one day they got a voicemail from animal control

Every night, Mindy and Luke would walk around their neighborhood in hopes of finding Cat but were unsuccessful.

Weeks turned to a year, then a little more, and every day that cracks in my broken heart got a little bigger. Then on Halloween, 536 days after he disappeared, I got a voicemail from Animal Control and an email from the microchip company saying he had been found!”…

Turns out, a man was taking care of Cat for a whole year

“I honestly did not believe what I was reading. I thought it had to be a mistake. The voicemail from AC said to get in touch with Peninsula Regional Animal Shelter to find him.

I drove to that shelter as fast as the law allowed and walked through the door already fighting back tears. They walked me through all the rooms, but no Cat.

The superb lady at the work area got directly on the telephone and called AC and everybody she could consider and discover that a man had called AC after Cat had been hit by a vehicle Halloween night.

At the point when AC showed up the nobleman in his 60s said that he had been taking care of what he thought was a female cat for at any rate a YEAR when Cat was hit, rather than taking him to a vet he considered AC and detailed the “stray” he’d been taking care of for a year was hit and expected to go.

Air conditioning quickly filtered him and my data popped straight up. The honorable man didn’t realize computer chips existed. He kept Cat at his home until I could be reached. I summoned right and got him that evening,” Mindy told olly.

“The get-together was stunning. He was just 1.8 miles away, 2 squares from the recreation center we take his small human to 3-4 times each week. He was perched on the patio eating out of his bowl when he investigated at me and I said his name and gave him my unique kitty type call.

He yowled directly back to me, as he generally had, got another chomp of food from the bowl, and strolled directly over to me as I drew closer. I sat on the means and let him come to me if he was frightened, and he got directly in my lap and murmured.

I began strolling towards the vehicle where cat heard my significant other (who has an inconceivably particular voice), Luke, was conversing with the person that had been taking care of him, and Cat realized we were returning home and murmured stronger than I knew conceivable and gave me that first excessively long head boop.

It resembled that head boop pushed that little bit of my crushed heart spirit set up. My better half got the ideal image of the specific second he realized he was returning home with his family.”…

When Mindy drove to the man’s house, she was met by Cat who instantly started purring after seeing her

“When we got home he went straight up to “his” bathroom where we keep the plants during the winter so it’s a mini jungle and plopped right down in his same old spot. Broke my heart and melted it all at once. His canine siblings came up to see him, they all had their own welcome home head boop moments too,” Mindy revealed to olly.

“I hope that our story will give others missing their pets hope, and maybe those who have unknowingly taken in someone else’s pet will check to see if they’re scanned so that pet can have their happy reunion with their family, and someone else can feel the overwhelming joy we’re experiencing,” she added.

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She Gets Reunited With Her 16-Year-Old Cat 15 months After He Went Missing
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