Meet Frankenkitten, The Rescue Kitty Found Under A House With One Eye & Four Ears

This little kitten has four ears and that’s not stopping him from living his best life.

But first, he needed severe medical help.

As according to Metro, Frankie, which is short for Frankenkitten, earned his name after he was found and rescued from under a house in Geelong, Australia, with a deformed and infected eye.

On top of that, he suffers from a severe overbite. Hence, as his adult teeth grow in, he will need teeth removed to avoid them growing into the roof of his mouth, reported Meowingtons.

Frankie was then brought to the Geelong Animal Welfare Society where he got the surgery he required to remove his deformed eye, got cleaned up and nursed back to health.

His four ears are a result of a genetic fault that is so rare that there is little to almost no research into cats having extra ears.

“I’ve researched it to see if it’s a genetic fault but it’s so rare there’s not much written about them,” said Frankie’s new forever mom, Georgia.

This may be rare, but it’s actually not unheard of.

As according to Today, Yoda from Chicago, and Lilly and Luntik (both from Germany) have four ears too!

But despite Frankie’s health complications and multiple ears, he is said to be very happy, healthy, playful and loving.

He is enjoying his new life and is exploring the outside world and growing in confidence every day.

This is Frankie. Be like Frankie and take each day with stride.

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Meet Frankenkitten, The Rescue Kitty Found Under A House With One Eye & Four Ears
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